Human Hair

Human hair comes in a variety of texture, lengths and shades.Its soft and feels natural with a notable shine when compared to Synthetic Hair.Human hair can be cut to a desired length and styled to suit your personal taste.The hair blends very well with most hair types including african hair.

Human hair is normally sold for a higher price.Processing of human hair requires higher quality chemical to sanitize and strip away original colour,to produce different curl patterns and colors.The results are of higher quality thus the high price.The place of origin also contributes to the price of the brand. Be cautious of suspiciously low priced human hair wigs.Its equally important to hydrate and condition human hair daily since it does not get natural oils from the scalp.Use hair care products formulated for human hair.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair comes already styled.The curl pattern is set permanently.The fibre used always bounces back with minimal styling and can even hold up in bad weather.Synthetic hair cannot be styled in any other way as does Human hair.Its important to care for synthetic hair to get its optimal life span.

Synthetic hair is affordable and one can have a wide variety of styles to choose from

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