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A relaxer is a chemical treatment designed to permanently alter hair's natural texture.A lye based relaxer contains active ingredient sodium hydroxide.A no-lye relaxer contains potassium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide.Relaxers straighten curly hair by breaking down the bonds in the hair shaft.If not used correctly,relaxers can cause serious and irreversible damage to the hair and scalp.Find a qualified hairstylist to do your hair to avoid mishaps

Find the best healthy hair treatment for the ultimate shine and volume.Every now and then,our hair needs a boost and a healthy hair treatment goes along way.Hair care treatment that deep cleanse while infusing your hair with vitamins,proteins and botanicals are a great healthy hair treatment that offer instant benefits.

Don't just reach out for any shampoo from the shelves.Different hair type need different products and the right shampoo can make a huge difference.

The right conditioner can work wonders when it comes to achieving smooth healthy hair.

Rubbing oil to your hair is an asset to your hairstyling routine.Good hair oil should make your hair glamourous and should smell incredible too.With ingredients like vitamins A,B and E, hair oils are like super foods for your hair making it look healthier instantly while protecting it from future damage caused by environment and heat styling tools.Jojoba oil works to minimise dandruff and restores natural luster in hair.Avocado oil helps restore the strength and elasticity of hair while olive oil helps condition hair getting rid of dryness and damaged ends

You need to know how to select clip in extensions and hair pieces from the shops.Its important to search and get as close to your natural hair as possible.Compare hair colour in the natural light to ensure you get the best possible match.Always select real human hair extensions because they last longer and look more natural.

Many women choose a wig style and colour that are similar to their natural hair while others take this opportunity to experiment with new looks;new style,new color.Take good care of your wigs always as they will look fantastic for longer.

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